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Cutting and Grinding Disc Set – 11 Pieces


Cutting and Grinding Disc Set – 11 Pieces

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Inner diameter: 22.23mm
Disc diameter: 125mm

1x Grinding disc for metal ideal for grinding of surfaces and edges of metal, e.g. welding seams.

2×5 Cutting dsic for metal and stone, ideal for cutting of metal and stone.

Suitable for all common angle grinders.

Resin fused, fibrous material reinforced
Cutting capacity: max: 80 m/s
Rotation speed: 12,250 RPM
Cutting disc thickness: 6mm
Material discs:
Siliciumcarbids (stone)
Aluminum Oxide (metal)

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Weight 0.977 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5.4 cm


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