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Mioliners Nappy Liners – 250 Liners


Mioliners Nappy Liners – 250 Liners

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100% Natural
100% Biodegradable
100% Gentle

Natural nappy liners which are designed to make reusable nappy changing easy and fuss free!

*Designed to repel liquids to keep baby dry and comfortable.
*Retains solids to hlep reduce soiling of your nappies.
*100% Biodegradable – helping preserve our environment
*Can be used with all types of resuable nappies.
*This product is vegan frienda and is not tested on animals.
*Made from 100% PLA (Polylactic Acid) derived from natural cornstarch (derived from sustainable sources)

Place the nappy liner flat on top of your nappy. Do not fold the nappy liner, it must remain as one single layer. Replace the nappy liner with every nappy change.

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