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Premium Artists’ Beechwood Flat Storage Box


Premium Artists’ Beechwood Flat Storage Box

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This is a quality beechwood storage box, empty and waiting to hold your art supplies!

Features include:
*Secure Buckle Closures
*Made of Beechwood
*Rack for Paintbrushes or Pencils
*Removable Palette
*Faux Leather Carry Handle

A quality, beechwood, flat storage box, perfect for keeping art supplies neat and organised. The lid contains a ract to store paintbrushes or pencils, and a removable palette.

With a secure lid and faux leather carry handle, it’s easy to keep all your essentials with you wherever you go.

External dimension (ignorning fittings)
are as follows: 39.8 x 30 x 8.3 cm

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 41 × 32.5 × 9 cm


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