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Reading Glasses – Ultraslim – Various Magnifications


Reading Glasses – Ultraslim – Various Magnifications

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*Reading glases ultraslim with elgant case
*Very flat, fits in every pocket
*Scratch-resistant lenses due to hard-coat sealing
*Visually correct view
*Standard EN14139:2010

Various Magnifications Available (colour is label on glasses)
+1.00 Blue
+1.50 Green
+2.00 Yellow
+2.50 Orange

CLean with mild soap water and dry with a lint-free cloth

Warning note:
For near vision and reading use only
Only regular professional eye examinations can determine your visual needs and yee health
Unsuitable for continous use
Not for driving or vehicle operation
Not suitable for long-distance vision
Do not use as eye protection
Please store in case provided and do not expose to extreme heat without protection.

Additional information

Weight 0.0814 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 10 × 2.7 cm

+1.00 Blue, +1.50 Green, +2.00 Yellow, +2.50 Orange


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