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Sketching Pencil Set – 12 Pencils


Sketching Pencil Set – 12 Pencils

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Key Features:
*High quality
*Easy Grip

12 high quality sketching pencils, suitable for use on paper and card. A smooth, break-resistant lead ensures easy application and sharpening. Hexagonal barrels are designed for good control and easy grip.

Explore creative techniques for drawing, shading, stippling and hatching. AN ideal introduction to using graphite pencils from smooth to hard grades. The smooth (B) pencils are good for layiering, smudging and blending. The hard (H) pencils are better for outlining, details and lighter lines.

FSC 100% Wood from well-managed forests.

Additional information

Weight 0.1683 kg
Dimensions 19.2 × 12 × 1.4 cm


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