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The Scoubidou Accesssory Set


The Scoubidou Accesssory Set

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This is a plastic box filled with various components for using in the knotting craft, known as Scoubidou. Photo shows front and back of box (as some stickers on the box obscure the contents).

Components include; Key-Rings, Pastel, bright and semi-transparent beads, as well as split-rings and small wobbly eyes.

Scoubidou (gimp, lanyard, scoubi, scoobie, boondoggle, or rex-lace) is a knotting craft, originally aimed at children. It originated in France, where it became a fad in the late 1950s and has remained popular. It is named after the 1958 song of the same name by the French singer Sacha Distel.

Approx. Box size: 11.8 x 8.3 x 2.6 cm

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Weight 0.1057 kg
Dimensions 11.8 × 8.3 × 2.6 cm


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