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Biscuit Aida Fabric 20 Count 100 x 70cm


Biscuit Aida Fabric 20 Count 100 x 70cm

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Described as cream coloured, but I think biscuit/tan are a better descriptive words for this fabric’s colour

100% Cotton
20 Count
Size: 100 x 70cm

Aida fabric (also known as Aida Cloth) is counted cross stitch fabric. Fabric Count or Aida Count means the number of stitches that can be made per inch. The higher the number the smaller the stitches will be.

Please be aware, we’ve done our best to capture the colour of the fabric as accurately as we can, however due to your colour setting of your computer’s monitor and the camera used their may be varients in shading.

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Dimensions 27 × 27 × 2 cm


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