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Scrappers Gym

SCRAPSTORE’s Scrappers Boxing Gym and community fitness centre open to all members of the community above the ages of 8yrs and above. Bringing people together.

Scrappers Boxing Gym provides the space for individuals and groups regardless of their experience in Boxing. The gym is led by former ABA Boxing Champion, Paul Rogers.

We believe that the skills you learn through boxing inevitably benefit you in everyday life as any type of self-control and discipline helps us to become better human beings and happier in our everyday lives.

Our boxing sessions are accessible to everyone and start from only £4 per session. At Scrappers Gym we have something for everyone and can make Boxing a healthy, expressive and productive part of your personal fitness and lifestyle.

All it takes is to get in touch and get involved! Any questions you may have or to find out a bit more just call Olivia at Scrapstore on 01793 513982. Or call Paul on 07505370383.

Scrappers Gym
Sensor House
Langley Road

We would like to ask all visitors to park at the rear of the premises near the Scrappers Gym entrance.

Monday:        5:45 – 6:45pm – YOUTH SESSION (Age 8 – 4 Years)
Tuesday:        7:00pm-8:30pm – OPEN SESSION (Age 14 and above)
Wednesday:  7:00pm-8:0pm – BOX FOR HEALTH SESSIONS (Age 14 and above)
Thursday:      7:00pm-8:30pm – OPEN SESSION (Age 14 and above)
Friday:           10:00am-11:00am – FITNESS FOR ALL DISABILITY SESSION (Age 14 and above)